Bioelements Remineralist Daily Moisture

Bioelements Remineralist Daily Moisture

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Remineralist Daily Moisture

  • A pollution-neutralizing, lightweight lotion for modern day aging skin
  • Increases skin's moisture content up to 70%* in 15 minutes
  • Delivers daily hydration with red algae, which increases skin's own natural hyaluronic acid in the epidermis by 211% and ceramides by 56%.**
  • With copper-rich malachite, which inhibits the superoxide anion (a highly reactive and highly unstable molecule induced by pollution) within the cell at a rate of more than 98%.***

* Scientifically tested results of 69.87%  based on a 15-woman biophysical measurement study; ** Based on a 9-day ex-vivo red algae study; *** Based on malachite in-vitro testing